How do you Find Great Employees in Real Estate?

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How do you Find Great Employees in Real Estate?

How to hire the best agents for your real estate businessThe economy and the real estate market have both been improving lately and with that growth in business,comes the need to recruit new team members. We are seeing a lot of people flock to the real estate industry today and as a broker, you want to recruit the cream of the crop.

Over the past 3 years, there has been an average increase of 8% a year for real estate sales. As a broker, it is important that you think about recruiting people outside the industry as well as seasoned agents. Some seasoned agents may have bad habits that are hard to correct, so bringing in a fresh face with little experience gives you the opportunity to train them to conduct business the way you want to conduct business.

At The Career Academy of Real Estate, we can act as the school for real estate brokers and their companies. We will even pay you a referral fee for referring people that take our courses and putting up a link on your site. This is an advantage for you because you don't have to set up a real estate school. 

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